21 Monogamous animals  that mate for life

once a wolf has found a mate, they stay together for life

Animal monogamy is actually quite rare. Except for birds, most animals are polygamous.

Monogamous animals

Unlike other lizard species, shingleback lizards are socially monogamous.

1. Shingleback Lizards

This fish mates for life, and if at all, an adult angelfish is spotted alone, it is mainly because it has lost its partner.

2. French Angelfish

Curiously, the male will be pregnant after mating.

3. pygmy seahorses

These animals are one the rare monogamous mammal species and are also known to be very territorial.

4. dik diks

European beavers are one among the 3-9% of mammals known to be monogamous, unlike the North American beavers.

5. eurasian beavers

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