top 32 funny looking birds

Be your own kind of beautiful.”

– Anonymous

The animal kingdom has a wide variety of creatures, and today, we will show you some of the funny-looking birds. Swipe up and learn more!

weird birds

These daring birds have bright blue feet and are quite clumsy when using them on land!

1. blue-footed booby

Not only they have a wrinkled pouch on their naked throat, these birds also have a very weird casque on their bills!

2. helmeted hornbill

Bright big eyes and wide frog-like bills, make these birds look quite...funny! Don't you agree?

3. tawny frogmouth it an erected crest or a bad hair day?

4. eurasian hoopoe

Yeah, they have some creepy yellow eyes, but how they can camouflage on tree trunks seamlessly is incredible!

5. common potoo

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