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Hi there! Welcome to Wildlife Explained!

My name is Bruna, a born and raised Brazilian, and I’m the passionate soul creating this incredible online resource and community for wildlife lovers and seasoned enthusiasts.

Being born in Brazil, I grew up outdoors and spent lots of time spotting animals in their natural habitat. That sparked the idea of writing about all sorts of animals, from strong big cats to graceful colorful birds and beyond.

After all, Brazil is the most biodiverse country in the world regarding fauna and flora.

Through the years, I studied many building blocks of conservation, such as prioritizing species and spaces, illegal wildlife trade, ocean challenges and solutions, conservation project planning, and scientific expeditions for conservation. The course was developed by the United for Wildlife and the Zoological Society of London and given by National Geographic.

While this expertise is just the tip of the iceberg in the race to save our nature, I feel confident writing fact-based resources on a topic I’m so passionate about.

On top of that, Wildlife Explained has become a go-to source for the topic, which fills me with joy and inspires me to keep doing my best.

While I put a significant amount of time into creating trustworthy content and ensuring all info is correct, I recognize mistakes might slip through. After all, this is a one-woman show. So, if you find any typos or information you believe to be wrong, drop a comment under that post or send me an email (contact (at) Constructive feedback is always welcome!

Further out, if there are any topics you’re interested in but you can’t find here on the site, let me know, so I can consider writing about them.

Again, thanks for stopping by, and reduce your plastic use!

With love, Bruna