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Awww! 23 Cutest Animals You’ve Ever Seen

It’s pretty easy to find cute animals around the world. In fact, it was challenging to keep short this list of the cutest animals ever because, honestly, how can we resist so much cuteness?

While researching some cute creatures, we came across so many, and I want to stress it, so many adorable animals.

So, if you’re curious about some of the cutest animals on Earth, get ready to say lots of “Awww.”

Do you know more animals that are cute? Drop their names in the comment section below!

23 Cutest Animals You’ve Ever Seen

Here are 23 sweet animals found around the world in no particular order.

1. Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy marmosets are among the cutest animals in the world!
Pygmy marmosets are among the cutest animals in the world!

First on our list of the cutest animals is the tiny pygmy marmoset. Native to the Amazon rainforests of South America, they are the smallest monkeys in the world. 

These tiny creatures weigh a mere 3.5 oz, and you can fit an adult pygmy marmoset in the palm of your hand effortlessly. 

They have brown furry bodies with long fluffy tails. The tails are usually longer than their bodies.

2. Black-Footed Cat

A timid black-footed cat staring nervously
Isn’t this the cutest cat ever?

The smallest wild cat in Africa (Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa), black-footed cats are not only incredibly cute animals, but they also have a sweet appearance.

The soles of their feet are black or dark brown, hence their name. These wild cats have large eyes with back streaks running from the corners to the cheeks. 

They are usually between 13 to 20 inches in length, with the males being comparatively bigger than the females. 

They are solitary animals who hunt for prey at night. Their diet consists of a variety of rodents, birds, and smaller mammals.

Did you know? Even though this small wild cat isn’t on the list of the most dangerous African animals, it is the deadliest wild cat in the world because she hits her target 60% of the time.

3. Bee Hummingbird

The smallest bird in the world, Bee Hummingbird , drinks nectar from a plant held by a person.

Next on our list of cutest animals is the bee hummingbird – the tiniest bird in the world. 

Native to Cuba, these hummingbird types are only around 2 inches long and may easily be mistaken for bees. 

These small birds can be found hovering near flowers – their little wings flapping at a speed of 80 times per second or more! 

They are colorful birds, with the males having glossy turquoise feathers on the back and a reddish head. Females are usually duller.

4. Pygmy Owl

Ferruginous pygmy owl sitting on a branch

Pygmy owls refer to several species of small owls found around the world. 

These types of owls are usually around 8 inches in length and are also sometimes known as owlets. The majority of pygmy owl species are active at night when they hunt for prey. 

Their diet consists mainly of smaller mammals, birds, reptiles, and large insects.

5. Margay

Margay on tree

Margays are small wild cats, mainly found in Central and South America. Still, it is also present in North America.

Unlike some American cat species, margays prefer humid tropical and subtropical evergreen and montane cloud forests.

Margays primarily hunt on the ground but can also catch animals in trees. 

Appearance-wise, their body is covered in black dots, stripes, and blotches that run lengthwise over their coat, which is brownish-yellow to tan.

According to IUCN, margays are listed as Near Threatened because of illegal hunting and pet trade. In fact, margays were one of the most exploited wild cats in the Americas in the 1980s.

6. Puffin

A pair of Puffins (Fratercula Artica) courtship bonding in flowers

Puffins are small and adorable sea birds found along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. 

Usually, these birds have black upperparts with white bellies, a white face, and thick, brightly-colored triangular beaks.

Puffins can grow up to around 10 to 12 inches in length and feed on a variety of small fish and crustaceans.

Interestingly, puffins are monogamous animals, mating for life.

7. Red Panda

Beautiful Red panda lying on the tree

Also known as the lesser panda, red pandas are adorable animals found in parts of the Himalayas and China. 

These small mammals have reddish-brown fur on their backs, while the legs and bellies are black. They have a white muzzle, white-lined ears, and bushy tails, which add to their cuteness. 

These cutest animals are solitary and spend most of their time on trees, either sleeping or feeding on leaves, stems, or fruits. A large part of their diet comprises bamboo.

8. Meerkat

Group of meerkat, also known as suricate

Native to South Africa, meerkats are small animals that belong to the mongoose family. They have grayish or yellowish-brown coats, often with brindled patterns. 

These animals have a slender build with large eyes, pointed snouts, and long hind legs. 

They are highly social animals and are usually observed moving around in groups of up to 30 individuals. 

Due to their adorable looks, meerkats are popular animals extensively depicted in movies or television shows.

9. Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider on green leaf

Jumping spiders aren’t a single species of arachnids; rather, these form a family of over 6,000 cute spider species that are capable of jumping swiftly while hunting or escaping danger. 

While not many would associate the word ‘cute’ with a spider, these large-eyed spiders actually appear adorable when observed up close. 

They have exceptionally good eyesight, which helps them easily locate prey. Jumping spiders can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.

10. Axolotl

White and pink axototl

Also known as the Mexican walking fish, axolotls are small marine animals that look like they came straight out of a fantasy movie. 

Part of the salamander family, these adorable creatures are native to Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in central Mexico. 

They are found in different color variants, including black, pale pink, gray, and golden. 

Adults of this animal species can grow up to a length of 10 inches and survive around 15 years in captivity.

11. Elephant Shrew

Eastern Rock Elephant Shrew

Also known as jumping shrews, elephant shrews are next on this list of the cutest animals on earth. 

Native to Central Africa, these are small mammals that feed largely on insects. They are named so due to their long and narrow noses, which resemble the trunk of an elephant. 

These are swift creatures who are active during the day – feeding on a variety of insects, worms, spiders, centipedes, and occasionally plant matter.

12. Sand Cat

Sand Cat among Rocks

Sand cats have a light sandy to gray-brown coat that is occasionally striped on the legs, slightly darker on the back, and lighter on the tummy. 

These super cute animals are well adapted to live in very dry, desert environments with little flora, especially in north Africa.

They are sand-dwelling species that live on rocky slopes and dry areas where the weather is extreme.

This species of African wild cats usually consume tiny rodents, like spiny mice, jirds, jerboas, and hamsters. But they also prey on hares, birds, spiders, insects, and reptiles. 

Did you know? Sand cats are daring snake hunters and can live from water from their prey.

13. Hedgehog

Four-toed Hedgehog (African pygmy hedgehog) among autumn leaves

Hedgehogs are small nocturnal mammals found in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Africa. Similar to porcupines, these animals have several stiff spines for their protection. 

However, unlike porcupines, the spines of hedgehogs do not detach easily. 

When threatened, these animals roll themselves tightly into a ball, with the tough spines protecting the vulnerable areas of their bodies. 

These cute animals are often domesticated and make good pets due to their gentle personalities.

14. Tarsier

Tarsier in Bohol Tarsier sanctuary

Native to the islands of Southeast Asia, tarsiers are small primates with very big eyes that contribute to their cuteness. 

However, they are also the only venomous species of primates in the world. Tarsiers are capable of secreting toxins, which, when mixed with their saliva, can cause allergic reactions in other animals. 

They are fully carnivorous, feeding mainly on a variety of insects, including beetles, grasshoppers, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and so on.

15. Long-Tailed Tit

Long-tailed tit looking at you while perching on an oak-branch

Found extensively in Europe and the Palearctic, long-tailed tits are small and extremely cute birds. 

They have tiny round bodies with short bills and long tails. These birds are predominantly white and black in color with some grayish or pinkish patches. 

They usually follow an insectivorous diet, feeding predominantly on spiders, aphids, and other small arthropods, although they have a special preference for eggs and larvae.

16. Arctic Fox

Cute Arctic fox closeup
Cute Arctic fox in the winter fur

With their white coats and slender appearance, Arctic foxes are one of the cutest animals ever observed in the wild.

They are native to the Arctic region in northern Europe, northern Asia, and North America, where they can easily camouflage themselves against the white snow. 

These foxes have long fluffy tails and a thick coat of white fur that keeps them insulated against extremely cold temperatures. 

They are skilled hunters, preying on a variety of small animals and birds, although they may also feed on carrion.

17. Slow Loris

Slow Loris sleeping in the tree

Slow lorises are big-eyed cute animals native to parts of Southeast Asia. There are nine species of slow loris, all of which are named due to their slow movements. 

They are shy primates who live on trees and can stay still for several hours. They are strong and robust and are well-adapted for climbing trees. 

Slow lorises move very slowly and silently, making them difficult to spot when they are high up. Their diet consists of fruits, insects, and other small animals.

18. Chevrotain

Very cute chevrotain (mouse deer)

Chevrotains are small hoofed mammals that are also popularly known as mouse deer. 

Native to parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, these are shy, solitary creatures who are most active during the night. 

These tiny animals basically look like someone placed the face of a mouse on the body of a tiny deer.

Males of the species sport small tusks that are used for fighting. They are excellent swimmers and can even hold their breath underwater for as long as 4 minutes!

19. Sea Otter

Mother sea otter kissing her baby on the lips

Sea otters are cute furry animals that play a huge role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. 

Found in the northern Pacific region, these aquatic creatures have a dense lustrous reddish-brown coat and flipper-like hind feet. 

These marine mammals are the largest otters in the world, reaching a length of around 40 to 65 inches. 

Their diet consists majorly of sea urchins, shellfish, and crabs. The average lifespan of sea otters in the wild is between 15 to 20 years.

20. Leopard Gecko

Leopard gecko closeup

Leopard geckos are cute lizards who are highly popular as pets. 

Native to parts of Asia, including  India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Iran, these ground-dwelling lizards prefer rocky grasslands and desert regions. 

These geckos have yellowish bodies with darker spots and markings that are somewhat similar to the appearance of leopards, hence their name. 

They are solitary animals with a well-developed sense of sight and hearing.

21. Fennec Fox

Fennec fox staring at the camera

Fennec foxes are the smallest among all fox species in the world. 

These little foxes have sandy or cream-colored coats that help them camouflage in the desert environment where they reside. 

Their small faces, pointy snouts, furry body, and unusually large ears together add to their cuteness. 

They are nocturnal animals that hunt for rodents, birds, and other small animals at night to avoid predators.

22. Quokka

Closeup of a quokka's face

Next on our list of cute animals is the adorable and friendly quokka. Many consider it the happiest animal ever because of their face: it looks like they are smiling!

These small marsupials are similar in size to domestic cats and are found in a few small islands in western Australia, on Rottnest Island.

These Australian animals follow a herbivorous diet and are often found to climb trees for a snack. Quokkas are nocturnal animals that usually sleep during the daytime.

23. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Netherland dwarf rabbit closeup

Netherland dwarf rabbits are tiny domestic rabbits that are hugely popular as pets due to their adorable appearance. Aren’t they the cutest animals ever?

These furry creatures were first bred in the Netherlands in the 20th century and, at present, can be found in a variety of colors and patterns. 

They have short compact bodies with disproportionately large heads, big eyes, and small upright ears. Domesticated rabbits have a lifespan of around 7 to 10 years.

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23 Cutest Animals You’ve Ever Seen

1. Pygmy Marmoset

2. Black-Footed Cat

3. Bee Hummingbird

4. Pygmy Owl

5. Margay

6. Puffin

7. Red Panda

8. Meerkat

9. Jumping Spider

10. Axolotl

11. Elephant Shrew

12. Sand Cat

13. Hedgehog

14. Tarsier

15. Long-Tailed Tit

16. Arctic Fox

17. Slow Loris

18. Chevrotain

19. Sea Otter

20. Leopard Gecko

21. Fennec Fox

22. Quokka

23. Netherland Dwarf Rabbit


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