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36 Animals That Start With B

Looking for animals that start with B? You’re in the right place! We have a long list of all sorts of animals that start with the letter B!

While the complete list of animals beginning with B is extensive, we decided to create this blog post with many charming, unique, adorable, weird, giant, and fast creatures, from birds to insects.

You will learn many exciting things about these animals that begin with B, so if you’re looking this up to help you with a school project, you’re in the right place.

Have we missed your favorite animal that starts with the letter B? Then let us know in the comments, and we will add it to this article.

Animals That Start With B

Here are the most interesting creatures beginning with B in the animal kingdom!

Bald Eagle

Bald eagle portrait

Bald eagles are birds of prey commonly found all over North America. 

Unlike what their name suggests, bald eagles aren’t bald — they are named so because of their typical whiteheads. 

They are famous for building the largest nests among all North American birds.

This American bird is the official animal of the United States.

Basking Shark

Basking shark eating in the ocean
Basking shark

The second-largest fish found in the ocean, basking sharks, can grow up to a length of more than 40 feet! 

Famous for their habit of feeding near the ocean surface, these giant marine animals generally don’t pose any harm to divers.

Beluga Whale

White beluga whale

The next on our list of animals that start with B is the adorable beluga whale found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. 

These social animals are white and are among the smallest whale species. They are also quite vocal, which has earned them the title of sea canary.

Blue Whale

Blue Whale underwater
Blue Whale

Blue whales are the largest animals found on the planet. 

These marine mammals can grow up to 100 feet and maybe are heavier than the combined weight of 30 elephants! 

They have a remarkably long lifespan of around 80-90 years.


Bobcat portrait

Bobcats are medium-sized nocturnal animals native to North America. 

They are named so because of their short bobbed tails, a stark contrast against the longer tails of most wild felines. 

Their lifespan ranges between 10 to 12 years in the wild.

Bull Shark

Bull shark swimming

Bull sharks are large predatory fish found near tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. 

These aggressive creatures have the strongest bite among all types of fish and are considered dangerous for humans. They can survive in both saltwater and freshwater.

Brown Bear

Brown she-bear with cubs

Brown bears are strong, fierce animals and their shoulder humps make them easily distinguishable. 

These omnivorous animals are the second largest predator found in North America and the largest in Europe. They are the national animal of Finland.

Bengal Tiger

Bengal tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger is next in our list of animals that start with B. This majestic animal is found in parts of South Asia, including India and Bangladesh, where it is the national animal. 

These species of tiger have 4-inch long canine teeth — the longest among all cat family members.

Black-Backed Jackal

Black-backed jackal

Black-backed jackals are agile hunters commonly found in parts of eastern and southern Africa. 

Their name originated from the strip of black fur on their back that runs from the neck to the tail. These highly vocal animals usually prefer to stay in dry areas.

Banded Palm Civet

Banded palm civet walking
Banded palm civet – Photo by Greg Hume (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Banded palm civets are similar to domestic cats in size but have elongated bodies with sharp teeth and claws. 

The multiple black markings on their tails and the body make them easily identifiable. These nocturnal animals have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years in the wild.

Black-Footed Ferret

Black-footed Ferret sitting

The Black-footed ferret is a North American native species once thought extinct. 

Even though their population has recovered due to conservation efforts, they still are the rarest mammal in the North American continent.

Barramundi Fish

Barramundi fish

The Barramundi is a carnivorous fish known globally for its delicious taste and high nutrient content. 

These marine animals are found in some areas of Asia and Australia, thriving in saltwater and freshwater. They can grow up to a length of more than 4 feet!

Blunt-Head Tree Snake

Chunk-headed (Imantodes cenchoa) snake

Also known as the fiddle-string snake, this reptile is native to parts of South and Central America. 

They are long and slim and have protruding eyes that help them look downwards while perched on a tree branch. 

They are nocturnal animals that feed on eggs, frogs, and tree lizards.

Bumblebee Hummingbird

Bumblebee Hummingbird perching on flower
Bumblebee Hummingbird – Photo by Ron Knight (CC BY 2.0)

Our list of animals that start with B would be incomplete without the tiny and colorful Bumblebee Hummingbird, one of the smallest birds in the world

These are one of the smallest birds in North America and the world. These hummingbirds flit from one flower to another, searching for nectar just like bees, thus earning them this name.

Bactrian Camel

Bactrian camel walking

One can effortlessly identify the Bactrian camels due to two humps present on their backs instead of one. 

These desert animals use their humps to store fat – which keeps them going for days without food and water.


Baiji is a Chinese River Dolphin
Baiji is a Chinese River Dolphin – Roland Seitre (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Baiji is a critically endangered species of river dolphins with a high possibility of going extinct. 

These white dolphins were once common in the Yangtze River of China. But at present, they are on the verge of being declared extinct.

Black-Soil Bearded Dragon

Black-soil bearded dragon, also known as Rankin's bearded dragon

The Rankin’s Dragon, also known as the Black-Soil Bearded Dragon, is a lizard species native to Australia. 

They are social animals that can form unique bonds with people, making them highly popular as pets. They usually live up to 6-8 years.

Beluga Sturgeon

Beluga sturgeon fish

The Beluga Sturgeon is found primarily in the Caspian and the Black Sea basins. These sturgeons are the third-most-massive living species of bony fish, reaching lengths of 24 feet.

Besides, these marine animals have a long lifespan, with many even crossing the 100-year mark.


Binturong walking

Binturongs are carnivorous mammals native to the Southeast Asian rainforests. 

Also referred to as the Bearcat, these animals smell similar to buttery popcorn, thanks to a chemical found in their urine. 

These carnivorous animals spend most of the day high up in the treetops.

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Blue and yellow macaw

The Blue and Yellow Macaw is a beautiful bird found in some parts of Central America and South America.

These are noisy birds who prefer to stay in flocks in the wild. These beautiful birds are easily seen flying in the Amazon Rainforest and Pantanal, among other wild animals in Brazil.

Black Rhino

Black rhino portrait

The Black Rhino is one of the species of African animals that are critically endangered. 

Unlike their name suggests, they aren’t black but gray in color. They have a hooked upper lip and two horns on their head.

Burmese Roofed Turtle

Burmese roofed turtle on rock

The Burmese Roofed Turtle is an omnivorous animal found in Myanmar. They were once believed to be extinct until they were rediscovered in the early 2000s. 

At present, their population has surpassed a thousand, although they are still considered a critically endangered species.


BlackBuck Male Jumping

The blackbuck is an antelope species native to India. These gorgeous animals have blackish-backs, white bellies, and twisted horns, which are one of the main characteristics of the blackbucks.

Blackbucks are among the fastest land animals, reaching a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Blue Jay

Blue jay

How can we miss the blue jay while making a list of animals that begin with the letter B! 

They are brilliant and can imitate a variety of other bird species. These pretty birds are common in the US and Canada.

Bombay Night Frog

Bombay night frog on leaf

The Bombay Night Frogs are native to the Western Ghats in India. 

They prefer to inhabit densely forested areas, preferably near a water body. At present, they are a vulnerable species, as listed by IUCN.


Bongo antelope portrait

The Bongo is a large antelope species found in Africa. 

These animals have a unique chestnut-brown coat patterned with yellow or white stripes. 

Unlike many other antelope species, both male and female bongos have spiraled horns that they never shed.

Bornean Orangutan

Bornean orangutan portrait

Bornean Orangutans are native to Borneo, the largest island in Asia.

These apes are highly intelligent, and their DNA is around 97% similar to humans. 

These giant apes usually build their nests on sturdy branches high up in the trees.


Bowfin fish

The Bowfin is a freshwater fish found in the slow-moving waters of North America. 

Also known as dogfish or mudfish, they have two tube-like nostrils and small, sharp teeth. 

Usually, these fishes live up to 10 years in the wild, although their lifespan can extend up to 30 years in captivity.


Budgerigar sitting on plant

The Budgerigar is one of our favorite animals that start with B. These tiny birds belong to the parrot family and are found all over Australia. 

They are good at mimicry and can even learn human words and phrases with remarkable ease.

Black-Banded Owl

Black-banded Owl on tree

The black-banded owl is a midsized bird native to South America. This beautiful, bird is blackish all over and densely striated with horizontal, wavy, white bars.

On top of that, this neotropical bird is strictly nocturnal and can fly at a maximum speed of 37 mph.

Brazilian Ruby

Brazilian Ruby hummingbird flying

The Brazilian Ruby is a common hummingbird species found all over Brazil. The male birds are green in color and have ruby-colored throats, hence giving them their name. 

On the other hand, the females have greenbacks and a cinnamon-colored underside. They mainly feed on nectar.

Brazilian Three-Banded Armadillo

Three-Banded Armadillo looking at the camera

The Brazilian Three-banded Armadillo is found in the Cerrado and the Caatinga regions of Brazil. 

These animals have a hard scaly armor lining almost all parts of their body. When threatened, the armadillo rolls itself into a ball, enclosing its body completely within the strong armor.

Brazilian Coral Snake

Brazilian false coral snake

Brazilian Coral Snake is a venomous reptile with a bright and colorful patterned body. 

Usually, they have alternating red, white, and black bands, although the pattern varies in different species of coral snake. 

Although they rarely bite humans, their venom can lead to cardiac arrest.

Brazilian Brown Bat

Brazilian brown bat hovering flower

The Brazilian Brown Bat is a medium to large-sized species found extensively in parts of south and central America. 

These are nocturnal animals that prefer to feed on insects. They are often confused with other similar-looking bat species.

Brazilian Teal

Brazilian duck or Brazilian teal

The Brazilian Teal or Brazilian Duck is a grayish-brown bird frequenting freshwater lakes and ponds in several parts of South America. 

The males have red beaks and legs, making them easily distinguishable from the females. These duck species usually live for around 10 to 15 years.

Brazilian Guinea Pig

Brazilian Wild Guinea pig

The Brazilian Guinea Pig is the last on our list of animals that start with B. 

These are medium-sized rodents whose lifespan usually ranges between 3 to 10 years. 

They are herbivorous animals and typically feed on seeds, leaves, grasses, and herbs.

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We hope you enjoyed this fun animal list! Did we miss your favorite animal that begins with B? Then comment below, and we will add it!

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