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37 Animals That Start With H

If you’re looking for animals that start with H, look no further! In today’s article, we’ll present you with a long list of animals that start with the letter H!

We’re well aware that the complete list of animals beginning with H is endless. Still, we created this article with a bunch of fantastic creatures, from mammals to reptiles.

Note that this blog post is for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the animal kingdom as we’ll talk about species of animals that begin with H (as in Hercules beetle), not groups of animals (as in horse).

Have we missed your favorite animal that starts with the letter H? Then let us know in the comments, and we will add it to this article.

Animals That Start With H

Below is our list of the most exciting animals that begin with the letter H. 

Hammerhead Shark

Great Hammerhead shark photographed from below

Hammerhead sharks can be easily identified by their distinctive heads, which are shaped like a flattened hammer or shovel. 

They inhabit the tropical and temperate ocean waters and are often found near the coasts. These marine predators feed on a variety of fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, etc.

Harpy Eagle

Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja) portrait

Native to South and North America, harpy eagles (Harpia harpyja) are large and powerful raptors who can grow up to a length of 3.5 feet. 

As the largest eagles in the Americas, they have the biggest talons among all living eagle species, enabling them to capture and lift animals equal to their body weight. 

These eagles have an average lifespan of 25 to 35 years in the wild.

Hen Harrier

Hen Harrier (Circus cyaneus) perched and staring at its territory

Native to Asia and Europe, hen harriers are diurnal birds who spend the majority of the day hunting for prey. 

These medium-sized birds follow a carnivorous diet consisting primarily of small mammals and birds. They can fly at a speed of close to 38 miles an hour.

Honey Badger

Close up of honey badger

The next on our list of animals that start with H is the honey badger. 

These mammals are found in parts of Asia and Africa, where they inhabit various environments, including forested areas, grasslands, and deserts. 

They are solitary animals who follow a nomadic lifestyle – moving for miles daily in search of food. Honey badgers follow a carnivorous diet.

Hercules Beetle

Hercules beetle on tree

Along with being one of the largest flying insects in the world, Hercules beetles also hold the record of being the longest of all living beetle species at present. 

These strong insects can reach a maximum length of around 7 inches. The diet of adult beetles consists of both fresh and rotting fruit.

Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) on the rock

Native to the Himalayan region of Asia, Himalayan tahrs are large wild goats that can reach a length of around 3.2 feet. 

They have thick wooly coats that enable them to live in the cold mountainous regions of the Himalayas. They have an average lifespan of 14 to 22 years in the wild.


Common hippopotamus portrait

Native to Africa, the hippopotamus is a huge semi-aquatic mammal. 

One of the largest land animals found on the earth, they can grow to an average length of 10.8 to 11.3 feet and weigh between 3,010 to 3,260 pounds. 

They are highly social animals and are at present considered a vulnerable species. However, due to the hippo’s aggressive nature, they are among Africa’s most dangerous animals.

Humboldt’s Hog-Nosed Skunk

Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus humboldtii) walking

Humboldt’s hog-nosed skunks are carnivorous animals native to some parts of South America, including Argentina and Chile. 

Both the females and males of this species are black, with one or two white stripes running along the sides of their bodies. 

They are nocturnal animals that feed mainly on insects.

Horn Shark

Horn Shark

The horn shark is next on this list of animals that start with H. These sharks are found in the Pacific ocean, where they inhabit the warm temperate and subtropical waters. 

They are usually inactive during the day, only coming out at night to look for food. Their diet consists of fish and other marine invertebrates.

Humboldt Penguin

Humboldt Penguin on the shore with water on background

Humboldt penguins are medium-sized birds native to South America, where they inhabit the coasts of Chile and Peru. 

These social birds usually stay in large colonies to protect themselves from predators. These types of penguins have an average lifespan of 15 to 30 years.

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale breaching out of the water

One of the largest whale species, humpback whales are found in all the major oceans of the world. 

They can be identified by their long flippers and the presence of a hump on their backs. Their diet consists mainly of krill and other small fish. 

In addition, these marine animals have a long lifespan of 100 years or more.

Humboldt Squid

Humboldt Squid on a fishing boat

Native to the Eastern Pacific ocean, Humboldt squids are large marine animals that can weigh up to 110 pounds. 

Each tentacle has 100 to 200 hooked suckers that help them grab onto their prey. They have an average lifespan of one year.

Honduran White Bat

Honduran white bats (Ectophylla alba) on leaf

Native to Central America, Honduran white bats are unique mammals with fully white fur on their bodies. 

Their ears, nose, and lips are a bright yellowish-orange, which gives them a distinctive appearance. They have an average lifespan of 20 years in the wild.

Harp Seal

A large harp seal lays on an ice pan

Harp seals are found near the coasts of the North Atlantic and the Arctic oceans. 

They have a harp-shaped marking on their back, which has led to their name. These are solitary animals that feed on a variety of fish and other invertebrates.

Highland Cattle

Highlander cow cattle (Bos taurus taurus) mother showing affection to her calf

Native to Scotland, highland cattle are also popularly known as hairy cows and are bred for their meat. 

These animals follow a herbivorous diet, feeding mainly on grasses and stems of plants. They have the longest coat among all cattle species.

Humboldt’s Squirrel Monkey

A pair of Humboldt squirrel monkeys on a tree

The Humboldt’s squirrel monkey is next on our list of animals that start with H. 

Native to some parts of South America, including Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela, these primates were recognized as separate species in 2009. 

Their diet consists mainly of fruits and insects.


Profile view of a hirola antelope

Native to Eastern Africa, hirola is a critically endangered species of antelopes. 

These social animals are usually found in groups of 15 to 40 individuals, led by a dominant male. 

They are herbivorous animals who prefer to feed on freshly sprouted grasses.

Hoary Fox

Hoary Fox

Hoary foxes are native to Brazil, where they inhabit open woodlands, savannahs, and bushlands. 

They have grayish upper bodies, with the underside being a cream or fawn color. These nocturnal animals feed on insects, birds, rodents, and fruits.

Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra

A Hartmanns Mountain Zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae) in southern Africa

Native to Africa, Hartmann’s mountain zebras are a subspecies of mountain zebras that inhabit parts of Angola and Namibia. 

They are social animals usually found in groups of 7 to 12 members. They follow a herbivorous diet.


Hoatzin bird

Native to South America, Hoatzins are tropical birds that inhabit swamps, riparian forests, and mangroves. 

These non-migratory birds prefer to live in flocks and feed on leaves, fruits, and flowers. They aren’t good fliers and need much effort to fly from one place to another.

Himalayan Bluetail

Himalayan bluetail bird on the branch

Himalayan bluetails are small songbirds that breed in the Himalayan region of Asia. 

Adult male birds have sapphire-blue bodies with white underparts and orange flanks. They follow an insectivorous diet.


Hellbender salamander

Hellbenders are aquatic amphibians with a brown or dark gray body marked with irregular dark spots. 

Also known as snot otters, these are the largest salamander species in North America in terms of weight. They have an average length of 20 inches and weigh between 4 to 5 pounds.

Hooded Pitta

Hooded pitta (Pitta sordida) stand upon the rock

Hooded pittas are a beautiful species of songbirds found in some parts of Asia. 

They are green in color, with black heads adorned with a chestnut-colored patch. They feed on berries and a variety of insects.

Hector’s Dolphin

Hector’s Dolphin swimming

One of the smallest marine dolphin species, Hector’s dolphins are native to New Zealand. 

They are named after a scientist from New Zealand, Sir James Hector, who studied this species extensively. These dolphins feed on a diet of fish, crabs, and squids.

Hercules Baboon Spider

hercules baboon spider, hysterocrates hercules

A member of the Tarantula family, the Hercules baboon spider, is next on our list of animals that start with H. 

These huge spiders are native to Africa and are a very rare species. Their legs have a striking resemblance to the fingers of baboons, hence the name. 

They feed on insects and smaller spiders.

Horned Lark

Horned lark (Eremophila alpestris penicillata) on rock

Horned larks are small songbirds found all over the northern hemisphere. 

These highly social birds are often found in large mixed flocks with other bird species. 

They are omnivorous birds, feeding on various fruits, seeds, berries, and insects.

Himalayan Monal

Himalayan monal (Lophophorus impejanus) bird

Himalayan monals are big and colorful birds found in the Himalayan forests of Asia. 

These multicolored birds are usually found in pairs or small flocks foraging on the ground. Their diet consists of a range of fruits, roots, insects, seeds, and tubers.

Heuglin’s Gazelle

female Heuglin's gazelle (Eudorcas tilonura) looking straight into the camera

Native to Africa, Heuglin’s gazelles are small reddish-brown antelopes reaching a length between 22 to 47 inches on average. 

Both males and females of this species have horns. Hunting and habitat loss have resulted in them being classified as endangered species.

House Sparrow

closeup of a House sparrow standing on a tree

House sparrows are small birds found all across the globe. They are highly social and are often found in mixed flocks while feeding. 

These noisy types of sparrows follow an omnivorous diet and can feed on insects and plant matter, depending on availability.

Horned Puffin

Horned Puffin (Fratercula corniculata) portrait

Found throughout the North Pacific ocean, horned puffins are named due to a black projection over their eyes that resembles a horn. 

The seabirds live in huge flocks that may consist of over a thousand individuals. Their diet consists mainly of fish, although they also feed on worms, crustaceans, and other invertebrates.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) closeup
The Hyacinth macaw is a beautiful animal that starts with H!

The largest of the parrot species, hyacinth macaws, have bright blue bodies with yellow chins and eye circles. 

They are around 39 inches in length and can weigh between 3 to 3.5 pounds. Their diet consists mainly of fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries.

Humboldt’s White-Fronted Capuchin

Humboldt’s White-Fronted Capuchin sitting on a tree

The Humboldt’s white-fronted capuchin is a primate species found in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Trinidad. 

Their bodies are around 14.8 inches long, while the tail may be between 16 and 18 inches long. 

These capuchins feed on various fruits, insects, invertebrates, and other small animals and birds.

Himalayan Brown Bear

Himalayan brown bear walking

Our list of animals that start with H would be incomplete without mentioning the Himalayan brown bear. 

Native to Asia, these bears are the largest mammal in the Himalayan region. The adult males of this species can reach a length of 7 feet, although females are usually smaller. They are omnivorous animals.

Hermann’s Tortoise

Hermann's tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) staring at camera

Hermann’s tortoises are the most popular tortoise species preferred by pet lovers. 

These friendly and fun-loving animals can be identified by their yellowish-orange shells with black markings all over them. 

Their diet consists majorly of plant matter, although they also eat insects and other small invertebrates.

Harbor Porpoise

Harbor porpoise swimming

Harbor porpoises are a very popular species of marine mammals found near the coasts of the North Pacific, North Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. 

They are social animals who travel in groups and feed on non-spiny fish and other marine animals. 

The porpoises use echolocation to find food and navigate in the depths of the seas.

Humphead Wrasse

Fine specimen of humphead wrasse, big fish typical of coral reefs

This large species of wrasse is found on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. They are considered endangered by the IUCN.

In addition, males can grow up to 6.6 feet, while females can reach up to 3.3 feet. This species is color can vary between dull blue-green to more vibrant shades of green and purplish-blue.

Hamadryas Baboon

Male hamadryas baboon is walking on the ground

The last name on our list of animals that begin with the letter H is the Hamadryas baboon. 

These robust and highly intelligent animals are found in parts of Asia and Africa. 

They are omnivorous animals, feeding on a range of plant matter and insects, eggs, and small vertebrates.

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Animals With H

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