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35 Animals That Start With D

Looking for amazing animals that start with D? Look no further–we put together this list of all kinds of animals that start with the letter D!

The animal kingdom is filled with the most varied types of creatures, and in today’s post, we give you lots of fun and useful information about these animals beginning with D. 

Theis list of species is not exhaustive, of course. Still, you can get a pretty good idea of how wonderful our planet is by the animals below.

We’re 100% sure you’ll discover many fun facts about these animals that begin with D, whether you’re homeschooling your children, working on a school project, or simply curious. 

Hey there, have we missed your favorite animal that starts with the letter D? Drop its name in the comments below!

Animals That Start With D

Here are the coolest creatures beginning with D in the animal kingdom!

Darwin’s Frog

Darwin's Frog in water
Photo by Mono Andes CC BY-SA 2.0

Darwin’s frogs are a rapidly declining amphibian species found in Argentina and parts of Chile.

These small frogs have triangular heads and long slender limbs. Unlike most other frog species, the tadpole stage of Darwin’s frog is not spent in water.

Instead, the larvae develop within the vocal sac of the male frog, from where they emerge after metamorphosis.


Male dhole facing camera

The next in our list of animals that start with D is the dhole. These mammals usually live in packs and are native to the south, southeast, and central Asia. These animals can live up to 16 years in the wild.

Discus Fish

Discus fish in aquarium

The discus fish is a unique freshwater species found in South America. These omnivorous fishes have laterally-compressed bodies that resemble a discus, hence the name.

Their brightly-colored bodies and odd shape make them popular as pets in home aquariums.

Dolphin Gull

Dolphin Gull, leucophaeus scoresbii

The dolphin gull is a coastal bird found in parts of Argentina, the Falkland Islands, and southern Chile.

The adult birds are gray, with the wings being darker than the rest of their bodies. They have red beaks and legs.

Dusky Dolphin

Dusky dolphin swimming along in blue water

Usually found near coastal areas, dusky dolphins are native to South America, New Zealand, and Southwest Africa.

They are sociable animals who prefer to travel and prey in groups. Their average lifespan varies between 18 to 25 years in the wild.

Dark-Eyed Junco

Dark-eyed Junco on a stump with a colorful background

Dark-eyed juncos are small birds found abundantly all over the continent of North America. These gray sparrow-like birds have white tail feathers that they flash while flying.

They usually prefer forest habitats where you would find them foraging on the ground for insects and seeds.

Desert Warthog

Desert warthog facing camera

Desert warthogs are large and stocky animals who, just like their name implies, prefer to inhabit dry desert-like regions.

They are usually brownish and are found in several parts of Africa. The males are generally bigger than the females.


Baby donkey with mother on meadow

Also known as asses, donkeys are large mammals that are extensively used as working animals.

While domesticated donkeys can be found all over the world, their wild counterparts are native to parts of Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

Dall’s Porpoise

Dall's porpoises surfacing in Alaska

The Dall’s porpoise is named after W.H. Dall, an American naturalist who was the first to collect a specimen of this species.

They are found abundantly in the North Pacific Ocean region. Although larger concentrations aren’t unheard of, these animals are usually found in groups of 10 to 20 individuals.

Desert Dormouse

Desert dormouse eating on tree trunk

The desert dormouse is next on our list of animals that start with D.

These small endangered rodents are native to parts of Central Asia, where they prefer to inhabit desert regions. They are nocturnal animals.

Duckweed Firetail

Duckweed firetail is a red dragonfly

The duckweed firetail is a small damselfly that can grow up to a length of around an inch.

These animals are found near freshwater ponds, lakes, and streams in parts of the US.

These reddish insects can usually be seen perched on duckweed, hence their name.


Dugong eating in the bottom of shallow ocean

Dugongs are large marine animals found in the warmer regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Also known as sea cows, these herbivorous animals are often seen grazing on seagrasses.

The population of these marine creatures is rapidly declining due to habitat loss, hunting, etc., which has made them vulnerable to extinction.

Dung Beetle

Dung beetle rolling a dung ball

Dung beetles are insect species found all over the world except for Antarctica.

These are found in different sizes and colors and can easily roll around large dung balls about 50 times their weight. They are usually good fliers.

Desert Lark

Desert lark is a light brown bird

Desert larks are medium-sized birds found in desert and semi-desert regions of Asia and Africa. Appearance-wise, these birds have pale sand-colored bodies with yellowish beaks.

They are a widely-distributed bird species that feed on both plants and smaller arthropods.


Dingo wild dog in Australia

Dingos are a species of wild dogs native to Australia. These animals have a lean body frame and a keen sense of hearing.

They are social animals that usually live in packs, although some may prefer to lead a solitary life.

Dassie Rat

Dassie rat on rock

Dassie rats are small animals native to parts of South and Central Africa. These rats usually reside in rocky crevices to keep themselves safe from birds of prey.

They search for their food on the ground and have been observed to give out a warning call on sighting a predator.


Dunlin walking on the beach

Next on our list of animals that start with D is the dunlin, also known as the red-backed sandpiper.

These birds are found abundantly in the Arctic regions, where they flock around the coastal areas. They have long bills to probe the mud while looking for food.

Darkling Beetle

Shiny darkling beetle

Darkling beetles are found all over the world, although they prefer warm and dry climates.

The name is used for around 20,000 beetle species of various shapes and sizes. These are nocturnal insects, hence the name.

Dark-Backed Wood-Quail

Dark-backed Wood-quail on the floor of Andean forest

The dark-backed wood quail is a species native to Ecuador and Colombia.

These birds can be identified due to the dark plumage on their backs and their reddish-brown breasts. They are listed as a species vulnerable to extinction.

Dark-Sided Thrush

Dark-sided thrush on stump

The dark-sided thrush is a small bird found in parts of Asia, including the Himalayas, Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia.

These birds can be identified by their brownish bodies and spotted underparts.

Dusk Dragonfly

Dusk dragonfly perched on thin branch

The dusk dragonfly is an insect species that belongs to the family of emerald dragonflies.

These small insects are native to New Zealand, where they prefer to inhabit freshwater environments, mainly near rivers.

Dark Blue Pansy Butterfly

Dark blue pansy butterfly on flower

The dark blue pansy is a butterfly species commonly found in parts of Africa.

These small and beautiful insects are part of the family of brush-footed butterflies. They are diurnal butterflies who are attracted to coat button flowers.

Dark-Throated Oriole

Female Dark-throated Oriole, Oriolus xanthonotus

The dark-throated oriole is a small bird native to parts of South Asia. The male birds are yellow with black heads and wings, while the females are olive green.

Both have red eyes and pink bills along with streaks on the underparts. They are known for their short yet melodious calls.

Dark Whorltail Iguana

Dark Whorltail Iguana, stenocercus melanopygus

How can we miss the dark whorl tail iguana while compiling a list of animals that begin with the letter D!

These are small lizards belonging to the family of neotropical ground lizards and are native to parts of South America, including Peru.


A portrait of the drill monkey, an animal that begins with the letter D

The drill is a large short-tailed baboon native to parts of Africa. They are social animals who live in densely forested areas.

According to the IUCN, these endangered animals are on the verge of decline mainly due to loss of habitat, as well as hunting.


Dromedary walking in prairie

Dromedary camels are domesticated animals found in parts of Asia and Africa. These are large-hoofed animals that can travel at a speed of around 40 miles per hour over desert regions.

They have good eyesight and sense of smell and can usually live approximately 40 to 50 years.

Dyeing Poison Frog

Blue and yellow amazon Dyeing Poison Frog, in natural habitat

The dyeing poison frog is an amphibian species that belongs to the family of poison dart frogs.

These are among the largest species in the family, with the adults reaching close to two inches in length.

They are found in parts of South America, including Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, etc.

Dark-Backed Sibia

Dark-backed sibia perching on a mossy branch

The dark-backed sibia is a medium-sized tree-dwelling bird native to parts of Burma, Thailand, and China.

These birds can be identified by their black plumage on their backs and pure white underparts. They are usually found in groups of two or more individuals.

Desmarest’s Hutia

Desmarest's hutia eating mango

Our list of animals that start with D is incomplete without mentioning Desmarest’s hutia.

These rodents are among the largest of all hutia species and weigh up to 18.7 pounds. They are native to Cuba.

Delacour’s Langur

Delacour's langur on tree

The Delacour’s langur is a critically endangered species native to Vietnam. They are named after Jean Théodore Delacour, a French-American ornithologist who first came across the species.

They usually follow a plant-based diet consisting of leaves, flowers, and fruit.

Dice Snake

Dice snake, Natrix tessellata, is an animal that starts with the letter D

Dice snakes are a non-venomous species found in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

These snakes usually prefer to reside near lakes, streams, and rivers as a large part of their diet consist of fish and small aquatic animals.


Dingiso eating leaves

Also known as tree kangaroos, the dingiso is an endangered mammal species native to New Guinea.

They are black and white and usually prefer to reside in shrublands and forests.

Diana Monkey

Diana monkey is a black and white animal that start with D

Diana monkeys are dark gray or black with a distinctive white throat area.

They have a white brow that is compared to the brow of the Roman goddess Diana, thus earning them their name. They have an average lifespan of 20 years.

Dominican Green Anole

Dominican green anole is a forest lizard

The last on our list of animals that start with D is the Dominican green anole.

These lizards are native to the Dominican Republic. The males of this species are bright green and have a light blue flap on their throats.

Desert Darter

Desert darter macro photo of eyes

The desert darter is a species of dragonfly found mainly in Spain. They are reddish and prefer inhabiting freshwater environments.

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That’s it for today, folks. We hope you enjoyed reading this incredible animal list! Did we miss your favorite animal that begins with D? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh, be sure to share this list of animals beginning with D with your friends!

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